Is watching other women dance already cheating?

Whenever my gilrfriends tell me that they do not want their boyfriends to visit a striptease club when partying with their friends , I am always wondering why. The answer is always the same. They don’t want them to look at naked women. But if just looking at naked women is already a problem, what about porn, sauna, magazines or calendars? If all those things mean cheating to your girlfriend, then you´d better not visit a Striptease Club. Especially if you want to be honest and do not want to hurt her.

Kissing, sex and the risk of falling in love

Many women fear that more than just watching might happen. Such as kissing, sex or even falling in love with one of the dancers. In my experience, all this is more likely to happen, if you go out to a regular night club. Men know that ladies at a Striptease Club are professional dancers who are just doing their job and have neither the interest nor the permission to do anything besides that. Whereas you can’t be sure about women in regular night clubs.

What about touching a dancer?

Your partner might be allowed to touch the dancer when getting a privat dance. If you don’t want him to touch another woman, you have to talk about those things and set up some rules in advance. Like, visiting a Stripclub is okay but a private dance is not. Trust your partner and then it doesn’t matter where he or she goes out at night. Just wish yourselves a nice evening.


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